Source: MDeC


A trade mission led jointly by the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) and the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) – comprising 15 Malaysian companies from the Entertainment & Media Sector – continued its success from previously organized Hong Kong Filmart,
securing deals worth over US$ 41 million (RM 145 million) during the world’s largest audio-visual content market - MIPTV 2010 held from 12-16 April 2010 in Cannes, France. The 15 companies are: Animasia Studio Sdn Bhd, Backbone Entertainment Sdn Bhd, Cartoon4Kids Sdn Bhd, Ed-Online Sdn Bhd, Elite Animation Sdn Bhd, Inspidea Sdn Bhd, Just Mobile Sdn Bhd, Moon Fx Sdn Bhd, Nafalia Corporation Sdn Bhd, Peppermint Productions Sdn Bhd, Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd, Total Sports Asia Sdn Bhd, Worldwide Rights Corporation Sdn Bhd, Vision Animation Sdn Bhd and Young Jump Animation Sdn Bhd.


During the first 4 days of the event, it was reported that a total of 575 meetings took place at the Malaysian Pavilion, generating 139 high potential deals (24%), worth more than USD 130 million (RM 455 million). Companies secured high potential deals mainly related to content distributions and coproductions in the entertainment & media sectors, namely Animations, CGI/Visual Effects, TV/Films, New Media, and Outsourcing of Creative Production works.


“Approximately 60 Malaysian animation titles were made available during MIPTV 2010 from its newly completed MSC Malaysia Animation Content Catalog and as high as 50% of its programs were sold to worldwide broadcasters and distributors. The success of MSC Malaysia companies is something that we are extremely proud of. Only MSC Malaysia’s 5th year at MIPTV, we have quickly established ourselves as a competent local expertise capable of producing Malaysian content that encompass national values and focusing on world-class IP creation,” said Adam Ham, MDeC’s Entertainment & Media Specialist. Malaysian contents have been sold to Europe, Russia, USA, Canada, Middle East, Turkey, Singapore, India, Egypt, Syria, and many more. Leading the sales was Peppermint Production’s “Zakumi Animated Series” (the official World Cup – South Africa animation series), which was sold to more than 40 territories worldwide.

Other leading Malaysian titles for sale were “ABC Monsters”, “Beanos”, “Boo & Me”, “Bola Cinta”, “Bola Kampung”, “Chellup”, “CJ the DJ”, “Feroz”, “Fruiterama”, “Garr”, “Islamic Documentaries”, “Jahai”, “Johan the Young Scientist”, “Machos”, “Magic of Santa”, “Mustang Mama Die-Hard Sports Fan”, “Mustang Mama Football Fever”, “Mustang Mama X3”,”Ramadan Mat Jo”, ” Stryka”, “Sugar Pal”, “Sumo Mouse”, “Tok Tam” and many more.


Under the name of MSC Malaysia, Ham who has been personally known passionately to have rebranded and developed MSC Malaysia as a major global player within the creative content industry added that unlike most countries worldwide, the Malaysian Government is dedicated and supportive of developing MSC Malaysia Creative Companies by offering affordable funding, tax breaks up to 10 years, ready-talent pool, and access to world-class infrastructures and a green lane to lead you into the global arena with ample of success stories through their global market access programs. In line with MSC Malaysia’s goals of generating US$ 320 million worth of revenue and 13,100 jobs by 2014, last year MDeC launched the US$ 22 million Co-Production Funding, which is intended to assist local MSC Malaysia Status Companies to work with world-class companies to co-develop and coown IPs for the global market. Ham confirmed, “There’re no other countries in the world than can match Malaysia to be able to provide the best of the best friendly government support & incentive package for Global Content Development.”

As a direct result of MSC Malaysia’s active efforts in pre-arranging Business-to-Business matchmaking platform throughout the trade show, MDeC Entertainment & Media Specialist, Adam Ham witnessed the signing ceremony for one Co-Production contract and two Memorandums of Agreements (MoAs) at the Malaysian Pavilion with global industry players during the five-day event. Datuk Azman Salleh, the FINAS Board of Director and Senator Datin Paduka Datuk Nor Hayati binti Tan Sri Dato Sri Onn was also present when some of the MoA signing ceremonies took place at the Malaysian Pavilion. In addition to the confidence and commitment that MDeC and the Malaysian Government in support of the MSC Malaysian Companies has made, Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) and Thailand’s Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) was also present for the signing ceremony.

First to confirm a deal was Ed-Online Technologies Sdn Bhd, who signed a contract worth US$ 15 million (including global broadcast distribution & merchandizing rights) with Korea’s NHC Media. In conjunction with the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relationship between Malaysia & Korea, both the companies will join forces to produce a 2D animated TV series (78 episodes x 7 minutes) named “Eori” which targets children aged 4-6 years old. With a budget of US$2 million, the co-production is an opportunity for talented young people from both the countries to show the world what they are capable of. The main production of the series will be done entirely in Malaysia and is expected to create more than 100 jobs in the country. The co-production is supported by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) of Malaysia, Seoul Business Agency (SBA) and Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA). Eori is scheduled to be released by the second quarter of 2011 and will be available in Korean, Bahasa Malaysia and English.


Later MSC Malaysia Status Company - Elite Animation Sdn Bhd also signed two agreements with: 1) Imagimax Studios (Thailand) entering into a co-production venture for an undisclosed 3D Animation title, valued at US$ 3 million and 2) Everest International Distribution (USA) for an international distribution & agreement for the regions of America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East on Malaysian animation title “Ramadan Mat Jo”, “Chellup:, and “Fruiterama”, valued at US$ 3 million.


In addition to the confirmed deals mentioned, USD 20 million (RM 70 million) in access were also generated from sales, distribution and licensing of digital content properties in Cannes, reported by Animasia Studio Sdn Bhd, Backbone Entertainment Sdn Bhd, Cartoon4Kids Sdn Bhd, Elite Animation Sdn Bhd, Inspidea Sdn Bhd, Nafalia Corporation Sdn Bhd, Peppermint Productions Sdn Bhd, Vision Animation Sdn Bhd, and Worldwide Rights Corporation Sdn Bhd.


Dr. Hidayet Karaca, Head of Broadcasting of Samanyolu (Turkey) said “This is more than a business relationship. It is about bringing 2 countries together to jointly promote positive Islamic culture and tradition. This is only the beginning of the fruitful relationship.”

With the encouraging results from MIPTV, FINAS and the MSC Malaysia team look forward to securing more deals throughout the year and to further enhance ties within the Creative Industry worldwide. MDeC hopes to continue the strong momentum to increase the number of Made-in- Malaysia projects available for sales & acquisitions globally, generation of creative IPs, creative value, leading-edge technical value, and composition of creative skills. MDeC is next expected to lead a Malaysian Digital Content delegation to the MIPCOM Junior and MIPCOM (Cannes, France) from 2 – 8 October, 2010.