Corporate Overview


Q-Plex Communication Sdn. Bhd., incorporated on the 4th November, 1996 by the dynamic and futuristic founder, YBhg. (His Gracious) Dato' Mohamed Tiar Sharif. Q-Plex has come long way and has definitely earn its recognition as one of the top Bumiputra companies in the country. Hard work and thrift paved its way to success. Its inception was mainly to provide TV productions for the local and International television station. Today, Q-Plex has flourished tremendously and has taken a step ahead to venture into various areas pertaining to the world of broadcasting.


Determination and resilience, the main ingredients responsible for the solid foundation Q-Plex has today within a short span of time, the company has proven to be trustworthy, reliable and effective. Therefore, Q-Plex has been very successful in gaining the confidence from major organizations whilst simultaneously establishing a strong market presence with proven track records. Our end result has always proven to be a satisfactory to our clients. This explains why they keep coming back to us.


Realizing that the broadcasting, telecommunications, information technology and multimedia sectors were the key elements in propelling Malaysia into the new challenging millennium, Q-Plex has seriously embarked on a focused expansion programme of diversifying into other broadcasting services.


Q-Plex, is a complete and comprehensive One-Stop production house that not only provides services related to production aspects but also post-product. To ensure high quality production, we have purchased advanced technology equipment. We are fully equipped with state of the art post-production machines operated by qualified creative, innovative and dedicated professional strength.


We can give you the assurance that the services rendered are of excellent quality and up-to-date. To prove our seriousness in this industry, we plan to move into virtual by investing on a virtual studio set.