Cannes, France, 13 April 2010 – A milestone was cemented with the signing ceremony between Q-plex Communication Sdn Bhd and Everest International Distribution. The two parties signed a licensed distribution agreement for the region of America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East regions.


“I'm very excited at the collaboration plans with Jon and Everest. They are a large media group with 11 TV channels in the US, Europe and Turkey too. Having them onboard will take our titles to greater heights and reaching out to more audiences worldwide.”, said Mr Mohamed Tiar Sharif, MD-CEO of Q-plex Communication Sdn Bhd and Elite Animation Sdn Bhd. “In fact, plans are already being discussed for joint-production projects in documentaries, dramas and animation series.”


Mr Ozcan Jon Omural, Vice President of Business Development for Everest International Distribution believes that he could hit more than USD$1.54Million (RM5Mil) in distribution to the regions. Currently, Everest will be representing titles such as “Wonderful World of Science”, “Land of the Native”, “Empayar Melaka” and “Ramadan Mat Jo”. There are already huge demands for “Wonderful World of Science” and “Ramadan Mat Jo” by worldwide stations that are ready to air, pending finalizing stages after the MIPTV, according to Jon, from the New Jersey based International Distribution firm.

“Ramadan Mat Jo” is an animation series that carries invaluable messages on the teachings of Islam on the importance of fasting during the holy month of Ramadhan. The 30 episodes of 23 minutes each portrays stories of the Prophets, hence targeting mainly on Muslim children to nurture them towards the obligation of fasting the proper way.


Another highlight by Q-plex Communication would be the “Land of the Native” series. The episode of 'Jahai' touches base with the lives of the minority Negrito native tribe of Jahai, found in the prestine Belum forest of Malaysia. This award winning documentary has bagged the Best Overall Documentary, The Best Malaysian Travel Documentary and The Best Director category. The other episode of 'Semai' is just fresh out from the oven, illustrating the actual way of life of the Semai tribe. It describes the relationship of Man with animals and other life found in the forest, showcasing how they are able to overcome their challenges of living isolated from civilization and the modern world. Among such, are the attacks of wild boars, rats and grasshoppers towards their crops. An interesting segment is to witness the simple, yet unique marriage custom known as the “Manjat Tubuh”.


Titles featured at the MIPTV 2010 includes:

1. Jahai - The Land of the Native (Award winning for Best Overall Documentary, Best Malaysian Travel Documentary and Best Director)
2. Semai – The Land of the Native
3. Lost Heritage
4. Borneo Unlimited
5. Strange Asia
6. Just Curious
7. Asia Fishing Action (Malaysia)
8. Lensa Malaysia
9. And You Shall Have Faith (Award-winning for Best Cameraman & Best Drama Series for the Year 2005)
10. Awaiting Sunlight to Overcome the Mist
11. Cuts like a Knife
12. Ramadan Mat Jo
13. Chellup
14. Fruiterama


The milestone for Q-plex Communication did not just end yet, as other MoUs were signed with other partners. “I've to be grateful to MSC Malaysia through MDeC's supportive involvement by funding our co-productions with big players like IMAGIMAX design and animation studios from Thailand and the Korea Creative Content Agency, better known as KOCCA”, said Honorable Senator Datin Paduka Datuk Nor Hayati binte Tan Sri Dato' Seri Hj Onn, Executive Chairman of Q-plex Communication and Elite Animation. “Serious discussions has already begun for joint-productions by elite animation and animax titles.”


About Q-plex Communication Sdn Bhd (

Established in 1996 by the dynamic and futuristic founders, has been recognized as one of the top companies in the local industry to provide TV productions for local and international television stations. Q-plex is a complete and comprehensive One-Stop production house that provides services of all aspects of production including post-productions. Ensuring high quality production, Q-plex acquires advanced technologies equipment to venture into various areas of broadcasting including state of the art post-production machines operated by highly qualified, creative, innovative and dedicated professionals assuring excellent quality finishings.


About Elite Animation Sdn Bhd (

Elite Animation Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of Q-plex Communication Sdn Bhd, aims to contribute fully towards building up a compatible Bumiputera Production house in producing very fine and high quality 3D animations in Malaysia and through out International market as well. Having the capability and potential to complete various kind of animation and stand par with other international quality of animation in order to ensure that the client’s and viewers requirements are correctly interpreted.


Though relatively young in the industry, the company has steadily created attention in the market both local and international. Today the company’s product of 3D animation has been a benchmark to TV Pendidikan (Education) and RTM (Radio Television Malaysia).


Elite Animation Sdn. Bhd., having already produced proficient products, entitles the penetration to the local and global market through effective marketing and distribution networks by initiating and identifying and eventually synergizing with local or overseas partners to gain access in the global market.


About MSC Malaysia (

MSC Malaysia is a national initiative spearheaded by the Malaysian Government to promote both the national ICT industry and provide a test-bed for the global ICT industry.  MSC Malaysia provides a conducive enabling environment designed to facilitate companies to harness the full potential of ICT and multimedia technologies.  With its ideal business environment coupled with the availability of talent resources, the MSC Malaysia has attracted participation from major global ICT  companies to develop and host their leading-edge technologies in the designated  MSC Malaysia Cybercities. MSC Malaysia also provides the ideal growth environment for Malaysian ICT SMEs to transform themselves into world-class companies.


Come explore the unlimited opportunities of the ICT world by locating in MSC Malaysia and be part of our global network of businesses and connected communities.


About Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)
Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) is a unique high powered government-owned corporation, established to facilitate the development and promotion of MSC Malaysia, the premier Malaysian ICT initiative. MDeC is tasked to advise the Malaysian Government on ICT legislation and policies, develop MSC Malaysia as a key growth driver of the economy and set breakthrough standards for ICT and multimedia operations. MDeC also promotes MSC Malaysia locally and globally, as well as supports companies which are located within the MSC Malaysia designated areas.

MDeC works closely with various parties and government agencies to ensure that MSC Malaysia offers a conducive enabling environment for companies to harness the full potential of ICT and multimedia technologies.


About Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA)

KOCCA was established to effectively promote and develop the cultural industry of Korea on May 7, 2009 under Article 31 of the Framework Act on Cultural Industry Promotion. As a public organization, it is a combination of 5 organizations including the Korean Broadcasting Institute, the Korea Culture and Content Agency, the Korea Game Development and Promotion Institute, the Culture & Contents Center, and Digital Contents Business Group of the Korea SW Industry Promotion Agency. As a super body covering all areas of content, its vision is to assist Korea to be one of the world's top 5 content providers by establishing a comprehensive support system to foster the content industry. KOCCA carries out various support projects to grow the content industry of Korea to be a world leading content provider, which takes the lead of creative economy.